I want to enlarge an image that I'm scanning with Epson Scan. How do I obtain the best quality?

  • To obtain the best quality, you should resize your image when you're scanning instead of enlarging it later in an image-editing program. You can do this using the Target Size setting in Home or Professional Mode.

    If you are going to scan your image to a particular size, such as 8 x 10 inches, you should select the Target Size setting after previewing it, but before adjusting your scan area (indicated by the marquee). This sets the scan area to the correct proportions so your image will not be cropped unexpectedly.

    Follow these steps to select the Target Size setting:
    1. You can choose a predefined scan size from the Target Size list. Click the arrow in the list and select the size you want.

      A marquee (dotted line) proportioned for that size appears on your preview image:
    2. If you need to create a scan size that is not in the Target Size list, you can create a custom size. Click the arrow in the list and select Customize. You see the Target Size window:

      Type a name for your custom size, enter the size, click the Save button, then click OK. Your new size appears in the Target Size list.
    3. In Professional Mode, you can fine-tune the size using additional tools. Click the + (Windows) or (Macintosh) next to Target Size to display these tools:
      • To size your image by a certain percentage, adjust the Scale value.
      • To change the way your image is cropped, turn Trimming on or off. (See EPSON Scan Help for details.)
      • To unlock the proportions of your scan size, click the lock icon. Then adjust the marquee or enter new width/height measurements.
    4. Once you have selected your scan size, you can click and drag the marquee to the area in the image you want to scan.
    5. Note: For more information about using the Target Size tools, click Help in the EPSON Scan window.
    6. Now you're ready to scan your image.
    Note: If you plan to enlarge your image later in an image-editing program, you need to increase the Resolution setting to retain a high image quality after enlargement. Increase the resolution by the same amount you will increase the image size. For example, if the resolution is 300 dpi (dots per inch), but you will increase the image size by 200% in an image-editing program, change the Resolution setting to 600 dpi in Epson Scan.
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