I can't find the wireless print server for my product on the network. What should I do?

  • Try the following:
    • Make sure that the print server is connected to your network with the included Ethernet cable during the installation.
    • Make sure the print server is turned on and connected correctly.
    • Make sure the antenna is connected to the print server and that it is upright.
    • Make sure that your computer and print server are connected to the same wireless access point router. If the print server finds another access point with the same SSID as your access point, you should personalize your SSID to avoid potential conflicts.
    • If you have a software firewall installed on the computer you want to print from, you need to grant full network access to the wireless print server software. If necessary, open TCP port 14135 and UDP ports 69, 13364, 13621, 13878, and 14135 in your firewall software. See your firewall documentation for details.
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