How should I load envelopes?

  • To load envelopes, do the following:
    1. Open the paper support and pull up the extension.
    2. Open the output tray and pull out the extensions.
    3. Load up to 10 envelopes at a time, flap edge left, printable side up, against the right edge guide.
    4. Slide the left edge guide against the envelopes (but not too tightly).
    Note: You may need to press down on the envelopes to flatten them before loading. If print quality declines when a stack of envelopes is loaded, load one envelope at a time.

    Do not use envelopes that are curled or folded.

    Flatten the flaps and the leading edge of the envelope before loading.

    Avoid using envelopes that are too thin, as they may curl during printing.
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