How do I set up a wireless connection between my computer and projector without a wireless network?

  • Follow the steps below to set up your all-in-one for an Ad-Hoc (peer-to-peer) connection.

    Note: Epson recommends using an Ad-Hoc connection only when a wireless router or access point is unavailable. If a wireless router or access point is available, follow the instructions in the Network Installation Guide instead to set up your printer wirelessly.
    1. Reset the printer's network settings.
    2. If necessary, press the Home button on the printer control panel to return to the Home menu.
    3. Select Setup, then press OK.
    4. Select Network Settings, then press OK.
    5. Select Wireless LAN Setup, then press OK.
    6. Select Yes, then press OK.
    7. Select Enable, then press OK.
    8. Select Manual Wireless LAN Setup, then press OK.
    9. Press OK to continue.
    10. Select Yes, then press OK.
    11. Select Ad Hoc Mode, then press OK.
    12. Select Enter SSID, then press OK.
    13. Use the arrow buttons on the printer's control panel to create a unique network name (SSID) to identify your printer. Press the  Menu button to switch between uppercase, lowercase, or numeric/special characters.

      Important: Network names are case-sensitive. Be sure to enter upper- or lowercase letters as necessary.
      • Press  Menu to switch between uppercase (ABC), lowercase (abc), or numeric/special (123) characters.
      • Press  or  until you see the character you want.
      • Press  or  to move the cursor.
      • Press to delete a character.
    14. Leave the channel set to its default (#11) and press OK.
    15. Select None for the security setting, then press OK.
    16. When you see a screen like this one, verify that the settings are correct. If you need to change a setting, press Back until you see the setting you need to change.
    17. Once you have verified that your network settings are correct, press OK to save the settings and return to the Network Settings menu.
    18. Press the Home button to return to the Home menu.
    19. On your wireless computer, connect to the wireless network name (SSID) you created for your printer (see your computer or wireless adapter's documentation for details).
    20. Once you've established a wireless connection, install the software on your computer.
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