Can I access my product's memory card reader over a network connection?

  • Yes. The memory card reader on the printer can be set up to be accessed either through a USB or network connection but not both simultaneously. If you have both network and USB connections to the printer, you will need to configure the printer for either USB or network access, depending on your needs.

    To switch between USB and network access to the memory card reader, follow these steps:
    1. Make sure the printer is turned on.
    2. Press the Setup button.
    3. Press  or  to select Network Settings, then press OK.
    4. Press  or  to select File Sharing Setup, then press OK.
    5. Press  or  to select either USB or Network, then press OK.

      If you selected USB, go to step 7.

      If you selected Network, continue with the next step.
    6. Press  or  to select either Read Only or Read/Write, then press OK.

      Note: If you select Read Only, you will not be able to transfer or save files to the memory card.
    7. Press the Back button as necessary to exit the setup screen.
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