I am unable to access the product's memory card reader from a Mac over a network connection. What should I do?

  • Follow these steps to connect to the all-in-ones's memory card reader:
    1. Load a few sheets of plain letter- or A4-size paper.
    2. Press the Setup button.
    3. Press or to select Network Settings.
    4. Press OK.
    5. Press or to select Confirm Settings and press OK.
    6. Write down the Printer Name, for example, EPSON17AOE7.
    7. From the Mac OS X desktop, select Go, then select Connect to Server.
    8. In the address field, type smb://PRINTERNAME (where PRINTERNAME is the name you wrote down in step 6).
    9. Click Connect.
    10. When you see the next screen, click OK.

      A MEMORYCARD window appears on your screen. If you close the window, you will need to repeat these steps to access the memory card.
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