How do I use the duplexer when I print from my Mac?

  • After you open a document or photo in a Macintosh program, follow these steps to access your print settings:
    1. Open the File menu and select Print.
    2. Select your Epson Artisan 710 Series as the Printer setting.
    3. Click to expand the Print window, if necessary.
    4. Select 2-sided Printing Settings from the pop-up menu.
    5. Click the 2-sided Printing check box.
    6. Note: If you see a message indicating that the auto duplexer is not installed, open EPSON Printer Utility3 (in the Applications folder on your hard drive), select Artisan 710 Series, click OK, click the Printer and Option Information button, and click OK again. Then close and reopen the print window.
    7. If you're printing on plain paper and you notice that ink smears or bleeds through the page, you may need to reduce the print density and increase the ink drying time.
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