I'm having paper feed problems. What should I do?

  • Check the following:

    Paper Does Not Feed Correctly
    • If paper doesn't feed, remove it from the tray. Reload it against the right side, then adjust the edge guides. Make sure the paper is not above the edge guides inside the paper cassette.
    • If multiple pages feed at once, remove the paper from the tray, fan the edges to separate the sheets, then reload it.
    • Load only up to the recommended number of sheets. If you're printing on both sides of the paper, try loading fewer sheets.
    • Use new, smooth, high-quality paper, that is not curled, creased, old, or too thin. Load it printable side down.
    • Do not load paper with holes punched in it for insertion in a binder.
    • Make sure you adjust the edge guide to match the length of the paper.
    • Make sure you adjust the left-edge guide to barely touch the edge of the paper. If it is too tight or snug against the edge of the paper, it may cause misfeeds.
    Paper Ejects Wrinkled
    • If paper is wrinkled when it ejects, the paper may be damp or too thin. Load new paper.
    • Make sure the paper Type or Media Type setting matches the paper you loaded.
    • Use Epson papers to ensure proper saturation and absorption of genuine Epson inks.
    Paper Jams
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