The product displays an error that the CD tray is not inserted correctly. What should I do?

  • Try the following:

    Note: If you're using discs where the printable area extends to within 0.16 inch (4 mm) of the edge of the center hole, you may need to adjust the inner diameter setting in the File menu of the Epson Print CD software or on the Artisan control panel.
    1. First burn files, music, or video onto your CD/DVD before printing on it to prevent errors.
    2. Turn on the Artisan.
    3. Push in the output tray.
    4. Raise the control panel all the way up.
    5. Press the CD Tray button to eject the CD/DVD tray.

    6. Caution: Do not try to pull the CD/DVD tray out; it extends automatically as far as possible.
    7. Place your disc on the CD/DVD tray with the label side up. Gently press it in place (it does not snap in).
    8. Press the CD Tray button to position the CD/DVD for printing.
    9. Note: The CD/DVD tray will retract automatically if you wait several minutes before pressing the button.

      Caution: Do not turn the Artisan 710 Series off with a CD or DVD loaded in it. Always remove the disc first.

      Now you can print on the CD/DVD using the Epson Print CD software on your computer or the Artisan control panel.
    10. After printing, remove the printed CD/DVD.
    General tips for CD and DVD printing
    • Burn data/video/images onto CDs or DVDs before attempting to print on them.
    • Do not use thermal-printable or regular CDs or DVDs in the printer.
    • Moisture or fingerprints on the printable surface of the CD may cause marks or smearing to appear after printing.
    • All printable inkjet media is different. Some surfaces will absorb ink better than others.
    • If output appears banded, faded, or streaky, print a Nozzle Check pattern to confirm that all colors of ink are printing completely.
    • If the ink does not completely dry or smears after 24 hours curing time, you may need to use the Epson Print CD tools to adjust (lower) the print density.
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