How many photos will I get from my product Print Pack?

  • Epson has packaged the PictureMate Photo Cartridge with a quantity of 4×6 PictureMate Photo Paper, so that purchasing supplies for PictureMate is convenient and affordable. The number of sheets of photo paper in your PictureMate Print Pack is stated on the Print Pack's box. The photo ink cartridge in the Print Pack contains enough ink to allow borderless, color printing of about the stated number of sheets.

    Our estimate of the number of photos you can print with a PictureMate Print Pack is based on test printing with a range of 20 different color photos. Actual yields will vary based on images printed, print settings, paper type, frequency of use and temperature. For example, printing many copies of the same photo, or printing many black and white or sepia photos, may result in fewer photos per PictureMate Photo Cartridge. Also, the PictureMate Photo Cartridge once installed should be replaced with a new one within 6 months. For print quality, a variable amount of ink remains in the cartridge after the “Replace Print Pack” indicator comes on.

    For more information see the PictureMate Show User's Guide.
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