My memory card is not recognized by my product. What should I do?

  • Check the following:
    • Insert only one card at a time. PictureMate does not read from multiple cards at once.
    • Make sure you're using a compatible memory card.
    • PictureMate recognizes and can print the first 9,999 photos on a memory card.
    • Photos must be in JPEG format and taken with a DCF-compliant camera.
    • PictureMate cannot read progressive-scan JPEG files or RAW files.
    • Make sure to format your memory card in your camera.
    • If you access the card from your computer and delete pictures, the card may not work correctly with your camera. Always delete pictures using your camera.
    • If you copy files from Adobe Photoshop to a memory card, save them as RGB images using the standard save option (non-progressive). Files saved in the CMYK format may not print with the colors you expect.
    • If you're using Windows XP or XP Professional x64 Edition, you may need to install your Windows storage device driver. See your Windows help for more information.
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