The colors in my printed photo are wrong or missing. What should I do?

  • The problem could be due to a software setting or the condition of the PictureMate. Check the following:
    • Make sure the Color Effect setting is not set to Sepia or B & W.
    • The print head may need cleaning; see Checking and Cleaning the Print Head for instructions.
    • The photo cartridge may be old or ink may be low; see Replace Print Pack.
    • Turn on the Fix Photo or P.I.M. setting; see Fixing Photos for instructions.
    • If you copy files from Adobe Photoshop to a memory card, save them as RGB images using the standard save option (non-progressive). Files saved in the CMYK format may not print with the colors you expect.
    • Colors may change slightly after your print dries. Wait for 24 hours and check your photo again.
    • Make sure your software is set for color printing.
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