How do I print from my Mac using the Epson Bluetooth Adapter 2?

  • Do the following:
    1. Turn on your printer.

    2. Caution:
      Do not connect or remove the Bluetooth adapter while it is communicating with your Bluetooth device or while the printer is printing; otherwise, the printer may malfunction.
    3. Connect the Bluetooth adapter to the EXT. I/F port.
    4. Using your printer's control panel, go to the PictBridge settings and set the paper size, type, and image quality.

    5. Note: When printing via Bluetooth, your printer uses the PictBridge settings, not those in the Epson printer driver.
    6. Open the Macintosh hard drive on your desktop.
    7. Open the Applications folder, then the Utilities folder.
    8. Select the Bluetooth File Exchange to launch the application.
    9. In the Select File to Send window, select the file you want to print, then click Send.

      Note: Make sure the file you send for printing is a PDF or JPG image.
    10. From the list of discovered Bluetooth devices, select your printer and click Send.
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