My printout has incorrect or missing colors. What should I do?

  • The problem could be due to a software setting, the printer's condition, or the paper you're using. Check the following:
    • For Windows, clear the Grayscale setting in the Advanced window in your printer driver.

      For Mac OS X, change the Color setting to Color in Print Settings dialog in the Print dialog of your printer driver.
    • Adjust the color settings in your application or in your printer driver.

      For Windows, check the settings in the Advanced window.

      For Mac OS X, check the settings in the Print Settings dialog from the Print dialog.
    • Run the Head Cleaning utility. See Cleaning the Print Head.
    • Check the ink cartridge status. See Checking the Ink Cartridge Status.

      If the graphic indicates that the ink is low or expended, replace the appropriate ink cartridge. See Replacing an Ink Cartridge.
    • If your paper runs out, replace it as soon as possible. If the printer is left without paper for a long period of time, the colors of your next print job may be incorrect.
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