How do I connect my product to my wireless network using my product's control panel?

  • You'll need to know the SSID (name of the wireless network that is set up on your router or access point) and if security is enabled, the WEP key or WPA passphrase (wireless network password) before connecting the product to your wireless network.

    This information is stored in your network's router or access point and you may be able to access it by logging onto the router or access point from your computer and checking its setup screens. See the instruction manual for your router or access point for details. If you are unable to access the information, contact the person who set up your network or the manufacturer of your router or access point for support. You'll need to know the SSID and if security is enabled, the wireless network password before you set up the product on a wireless network. (Epson will not be able to provide this information to you.)

    Note: The network name and security key or passphrase are case-sensitive. Be sure to correctly note uppercase, lowercase, and numeric/special letters.

    The product supports the following wireless security modes: WPA-PSK (TKIP/AES), WPA2 compliant, WEP (64/128 bit).

    Once you have the above information, follow these steps to connect the printer to your wireless network:

    1. Press the Setup button.
    2. Select Network Settings.
    3. Select Wireless LAN Setup.
    4. Select Setup Wizard. A list of all available SSIDs appears on the LCD screen.
    5. Select your SSID from the list, then press OK.

      Note: The product will display all wireless networks available by the order of their signal strength, and your SSID will probably be listed at the top of the list. The SSID name is set by the router or access point, and the default name is usually the brand name of the router or access point.

      If your SSID is not listed, your router or access point may be set to not broadcast its network name.

    6. Do one of the following:
      • If your wireless network has security enabled, use the product's buttons to enter your network password, then select Done.
      • If your wireless network doesn't have security enabled, press OK.
    7. Confirm that the network settings are correct when you see the Confirm Settings screen, then press OK. Wait a moment while your product attempts to connect to your network.
    8. A message appears indicating if the connection was successful as well as asking if you want want to print a network connection report.
    9. Select No to finish with the setup or Yes to print the network connection report and then finish with the setup.
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