The paper jams, feeds incorrectly, or does not load. What should I do?

  • Do the following:
    1. Make sure the product is clear of any jammed paper and/or other obstructions.

      If paper is jammed, see Paper Jams When Printing to check for jammed paper and any other obstructions.
    2. Remove the paper you loaded from the paper cassette.
    3. Make sure your paper is not curled or wrinkled and meets the product's specifications. If loading multiple sheets, fan the stack to make sure the sheets are separated and then tap it on a flat surface to even the edges.
    4. Slide the edge guides outward.
    5. Position the guide shown below for the size of paper you're using.
    6. Reload your paper using the following guidelines:
      • If loading paper for documents or photos, insert the paper with the glossy or printable side face down. Slide the edge guides against the paper—but not too tight—and make sure the paper is under the tabs on the edge guides.

        If loading legal-size paper, extend the paper cassette by pushing the tab and pulling the end of the cassette before loading the paper.

        • If you're loading plain paper, you can load up to 250 sheets; when using other paper types, be sure to load only up to the recommended number of sheets. If you're printing on both sides of the paper, try loading fewer sheets.
        • Load paper short edge first, no matter which way your document faces.
        • Do not load transparencies.
        • Do not load paper above the  arrow marks on the edge guides.
        • Make sure the paper is not sticking out from the end of the cassette.
      • If loading envelopes, load up to 5 envelopes against the bottom edge guide with the printable side down and flap edge left.

        Slide the edge guides against the edges of the envelopes, but not too tightly. Make sure the envelopes are under the tabs on the guides.

        Make sure the envelopes are not sticking out from the end of the cassette.

        Press each envelope flat before loading it or load one envelope at a time.
    7. Replace the paper cassette cover and insert the cassette back into the printer.

      • The paper may slide forward slightly as you insert the cassette. This is normal.
      • Keep the cassette flat as you insert it.
      • Do not remove or insert the cassette while printing.
    8. Open the output tray, pull out the output tray extensions, and flip up the paper stopper. (If you are using legal-size paper, do not raise the paper stopper.)
    9. Make sure the following settings are set correctly in the Windows, Mac OS X 10.5/10.6, or Mac OS X 10.4 printer driver:
      • Type or Media Type: Select a Type or Media Type setting that matches the paper you loaded.
      • Size or Paper Size: Select the size of paper you loaded.
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