How do I set up my product for the fastest printing?

  • If you're printing from your computer, make sure your system meets the requirements. If you're printing a high-resolution image, you need more than the minimum requirements listed. You may also need to:
    • Clear space on your hard drive or run a defragmentation utility.
    • Close programs that you're not using.
    • Increase your system's memory.
    • Use a computer with a high-speed USB 2.0 port.
    For the fastest printing, try these tips:
    • Choose Black/Grayscale in your printer settings if your document doesn't include color.
    • For Windows, choose Draft or Text for the Quality Option.
    • For Macintosh, clear all customized settings, select Automatic for the Mode, and move the slider to Speed in the Print Settings window.
    • If Plain Paper/Bright White paper is selected as the paper type, choose Fast Mode for the print quality.
    • If the all-in-one is connected to a USB hub, disconnect unused USB devices.
    • Make sure the paper Type or Media Type setting matches the paper you loaded.
    • For Windows, try adjusting the settings in the Speed & Progress window:
      1. Right-click the printer icon in the lower right corner of your screen (taskbar) and select Printer Settings. If you don't see the icon, see No Printer Icon Appears in Windows Taskbar for instructions on making it appear.
      2. Click the Maintenance tab.
      3. Click the Speed & Progress button.
      4. Selecting one or more of the following settings will increase print speed:
        • High Speed Copies
        • Always spool RAW datatype
        • Page Rendering Mode
        • Print as Bitmap
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