My printout has lines running through it. What should I do?

  • Try the following:
    • Print a nozzle check pattern. If there are gaps or the pattern is faint, clean the print head.
    • Try aligning the print head.
    • If the paper you're using has a printable side (check your paper packaging for details), make sure the printable side is loaded face up. The printable side is usually brighter or whiter.
    • Epson inks, specialty papers, and printers are designed to work together. For the best results, use genuine Epson ink and paper.
    • Make sure the product is on a flat, stable surface that extends beyond the base in all directions.
    • Make sure the following settings are set correctly in the Windows or Mac OS X printer driver:
      • Media Type: Select a Media Type setting that matches the paper you loaded.

        In Windows, if the Media Type setting you want to use is unavailable, you may need to select a different Ink option first.
      • Print Quality (Windows) or Output Resolution (Mac OS X): Try selecting a higher print quality setting.
      • High Speed: Try turning this setting off if you see vertical misalignment or banding (lines) in your printouts.

        To access this setting in Windows, select Quality Options for the Print Quality setting.

        This setting controls whether the print head prints in both directions (bi-directional) or in one direction (uni-directional, from right to left). Turning this setting off to print in one direction decreases print speed but may improve print quality.
      • If you are using non-Epson paper or media, you may need to adjust the paper configuration options (Windows or Mac OS X).
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