I'm having paper feed problems. What should I do?

  • If paper doesn't feed correctly, remove the paper and fan the sheets, then reload them. Don't load paper above the tabs on the edge guides.

    If paper has jammed, follow the steps on the LCD screen. If necessary, check the following areas:
    1. Lift the scanner and carefully remove any paper trapped inside.
    2. Remove the duplexer from the back of the printer and check for jammed paper.
    3. Remove any paper stuck in the duplexer.
    4. If the error message is not cleared, remove the paper cassettes, then check for jammed paper inside the printer.
    5. If the error message is still not cleared, turn off the printer. Remove the power cord and disconnect the printer. Make sure both paper cassettes are removed. Carefully stand the printer on its side, then remove any paper.
    6. If documents don't feed correctly in the Automatic Document Feeder (ADF), make sure the paper is not bent, folded or curled. If documents have jammed, open the ADF cover and remove any jammed pages. Then lift the scanner cover and remove any pages caught beneath it.

      Caution:Do not try to remove the pages without opening the ADF cover or you could damage the mechanism.
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