How do I set or change the time and date?

  • Before setting the date and time, you should select the appropriate Daylight Saving Time setting for your region. This setting lets you easily set the clock one hour ahead or one hour back when the time change takes place.

    1. Press  if necessary and select Setup.
    2. Select Printer Setup. You see this screen:
    3. Press  or  and select Daylight Saving Time.
    4. Select Summer if your region uses Daylight Saving Time and its currently in effect. (DST is effective from spring through summer.) Otherwise select Winter to turn off the setting.
    5. Note: When you change the setting from Winter to Summer, the clock is automatically set ahead by one hour. When you change it from Summer to Winter, the clock is set back. The setting is not automatic; you need to change it each season.
    6. Select Date/Time. You see this screen:
    7. Select the date format. You see the date setting keypad:
    8. Use the keypad to change the date, then press OK.
    9. Select the 12h (AM/PM) or 24h (military time) for the time format. You see the time setting keypad:
    10. Use the keypad to change the time, then press OK.

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