I've installed my product software for a wireless connection, but I cannot print. When I check my product's control panel, there is no IP assigned to my product (it's or the IP starts with 169.254.xxx.xxx . What should I do?

  • This problem indicates that the router (wireless network) did not communicate with the product when you installed the software. Try these solutions:
    1. Reset the product's Network Settings.
    2. Reset your router. You may be able to do this by turning it off and back on again, or you may need to follow a different procedure to reset it. See the documentation for your router or access point for instructions.
    3. Troubleshoot the Ethernet connection by doing the following:
      • Make sure the product is connected to the router with an Ethernet cable (one is included with your product) when you install the software.
      • Try another Ethernet cable.
      • Connect the Ethernet cable to another port on the router.
    4. Reinstall the software.
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