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How do I clear the fax header on my product?

  • Do the following:
    1. Press the  Setup button.
    2. Press arrow buttons to select Fax Settings, then press the OK button.
    3. Select Communication, then press the OK button.
    4. Select Header, then press the OK button.
    5. Select Fax Header, then press the OK button. Your current header should be displayed.
    6. Press the Backspace button to clear the header information, then press the OK button. The header will now be blank.
    7. Note: The Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991 makes it unlawful for any person to use a computer or other electronic device, including fax machines, to send any message unless such message clearly contains in a margin at the top or bottom of each transmitted page or on the first page of the transmission, the date and time it is sent and an identification of the business or other entity, or other individual sending the message and the telephone number of the sending machine or such business, other entity, or individual. In order to program this information into your fax machine, follow the instructions for entering fax header information.
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