The CD/DVD won't feed correctly or is ejected. What should I do?

  • Check the following:
    • Reinsert the CD/DVD tray correctly
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    • If the tray is ejected when you start a print job, the printer is not ready. Wait until you see a message on your screen asking you to insert the tray. Then reinsert the tray and press the paper button.
    • Make sure both sides of the CD/DVD print tray are underneath the brackets on the CD/DVD feed tray as you insert it. As you insert the print tray, you may meet some resistance. Continue sliding the print tray into the printer until the arrow marks on the CD/DVD feed tray and the print tray match each other.
    • Make sure the surface of the CD/DVD you are printing on is blank and clean. A CD/DVD with images or text already on the surface area may not load correctly.

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