I cannot scan from my computer with Epson Scan. What should I do?

  • Try the following:
    • If the product is connected to a USB hub, make sure it's connected to a first tier hub (the hub closest to the host computer) when more than one hub is connected to the computer.
    • Make sure the product is turned on and securely connected to your computer or USB hub or try connecting the product directly to your computer.
    • The scanner may not work properly when your computer is in standby mode (Windows) or sleep mode (Mac OS X). Restart Epson Scan and try scanning again.
    • The scanner may not work properly if you upgraded your operating system but did not reinstall Epson Scan.
    • Make sure that Epson Scan is selected in your scanning program.
    • The scanner software will not work if any of the product's ink cartridges are out of ink and the ink light flashes. Check which cartridge is expended and replace it.

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