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How can I create a user-defined paper size for my product in Windows?

  • The user-defined paper size option is only available for use with cassette 1.

    Do the following:
    1. Right-click your printer icon, and then select Printing Preferences.
    2. Click the Main tab.
    3. Select Paper Cassette 1 for the Paper Source.
    4. Select User-Defined for Document Size.
    5. A User-Defined Paper Size window will open.
    6. Enter the Paper Size Name that you choose, then select the Paper Width and Paper Height, then click Save, then OK. You see this screen:
    7. Load your paper in cassette 1 and slide the edge guides towards the edges of the paper.
    8. Click OK. The new size will automatically be selected. You can also select the newly defined size in the Document Size window at the bottom of the list.
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