How do I change the default settings for the Scan to PC feature?

  • You need to change the settings in Epson Event Manager. Follow the instructions below.
    1. Do one of the following:

      Windows 8.x: Navigate to the Apps screen and select Event Manager.

      Windows (other versions): Click Start or , and select All Programs or Programs > EPSON Software > Event Manager.
    2. Mac OS X: Open Applications > Epson software > Event Manager.
    3. Select your product in the Scanner drop-down box, then click Make Job Settings.
    4. Select Scan to PC, then click on Detailed Settings for Scanning.
    5. Select the settings you would like to use.

      The following dpi (dots per inch) settings are supported:
      • Speed (150 dpi)
      • Standard (300 dpi)
      • High resolution (600 dpi)
      • Custom
      Note: Higher dpi settings take longer to scan.
    6. Click OK twice, then click Close.
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