I see the message Printer is Offline. What should I do?

  • Try the following:
    • Make sure the product is powered on.
    • Check the product control panel for any error messages and follow the instructions to solve them.
    • Clear any print jobs that may be in the print queue.
    • Make sure you are choosing the correct printer when printing. If there are multiple copies of the same printer driver, remove the ones not in use.
    • Make sure the USB cable is a shielded "AB" cable not more than 10 feet long.

      Note: Do not use devices that extend the length of the cable because they can interfere with signal transmission.
    • If you're using a USB hub with your printer, connect the printer directly to your computer.

      Note: Do not connect through a USB keyboard. The keyboard acts like a hub and can interfere with signal transmission.
    • Use a different port on your computer.
    • If your product is networked wirelessly, make sure it is connected to the network by checking the WiFi light. If the WiFi light is off, your printer is not communicating with your network. Using your printer's control panel, make sure your printer is configured correctly for wireless network (SSID). If you don't see your wireless network's name you can enter it manually.

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