How should I load envelopes?

  • You can load envelopes in Cassette 2 (lower cassette) as described here. You can print on plain paper envelopes in this size: No. 10 (4.1 × 9.5 inches [105 × 241 mm]).

    You can also load a single envelope in the rear paper feed slot, as described in that section.

    Note: Do not remove or insert the paper cassette during printing.

    1. Close the output tray, if necessary.

      Note: As you slide in the output tray, there may be slight resistance and noise. This is normal.

    2. Open the front cover.
    3. Pull on the front cover to pull out the lower paper cassette.
    4. Slide the edge guides outward.
    5. Insert up to 10 envelopes, printable side facedown and flap edge left, as shown.

      Note: Make sure the envelope is not sticking out from the end of the cassette.

    6. Slide the edge guides against the envelopes, but not too tightly.

      Note: Make sure the envelopes are under the tabs on the edge guides.

    7. Keep the cassette flat as you insert it.

      Note: The output tray will open automatically when you print.

    Always follow these envelope loading guidelines:
    • If you have trouble loading a stack of envelopes, press each envelope flat before loading it or load one envelope at a time.
    • Do not load envelopes that are curled, folded, or too thin.
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