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How do I access the memory card slot in my Epson product from Windows RT?

  • Do the following:

    1. At the Start screen, do one of the following:
      • Touch: Swipe from the right edge of the screen, then tap the Search charm.
      • Mouse: Swipe the mouse down from the upper-right corner of the screen, then click on the Search charm.
      • Keyboard: Press the Search charm key.
    2. Select Settings in the right pane.

    3. Enter network computers in the Search field. Select View network computers and devices in the left pane.

    4. Find your product's name and enter it into the address bar of the window. You'll see folders named memorycard and USBSTORAGE (to access a USB thumb drive from the USB port of your product).

      Note: If you don't see your product, make sure you're connected to the same network as your product and that Network Discovery is installed in Windows RT.

    5. Open the respective folder to access the files on the memory card or USB thumb drive.

    Create a shortcut

    You can create a shortcut to the memory card slot. To create the shortcut, right-click the memorycard folder, then select Pin To Start.

    A memorycard shortcut appears on the Start screen.

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