Can I just pull the memory card out of my product when I'm finished printing?

  • No. See the following for instructions on removing the memory card.

    Removing a Memory Card

    After you finish working with a memory card, you can check to make sure it is safe to remove it from your product.

    Caution: Do not remove a memory card or turn off your product while the memory card access light is flashing or you may lose data from the memory card.

    1. Make sure the memory card access light is not flashing.

      1 Memory card access light
    2. If your product is connected to your computer using a USB cable, do one of the following:
      • Windows: Open the My Computer, Computer, Windows Explorer, or File Explorer utility. Then right-click the name of your memory card (listed as a removable disk) and select Eject.
      • OS X: Drag the removable disk icon for your memory card from the desktop or computer window into the trash.
    3. Pull the memory card straight out of its slot.
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