How do I create a custom paper size for my product in Windows?

  • Do the following:

    1. Open a photo or document for printing.
    2. Select the print command in your application.

      Note: You may need to select a print icon on your screen, the Print option in the File menu, or another command. See your application's help utility for details.

    3. If necessary, select your product name as the printer you want to use.

      Note: You may also need to select Properties or Preferences to view your print settings.

      You see the Main tab of your printer settings window.

    4. Select User-Defined as the Document Size. A User-Defined Paper Size window appears.

      Note: This option may not be available for all paper sources.

    5. Enter a Paper Size Name, then select the Paper Width and Paper Height.
    6. Click Save, then OK.
    7. Click OK again. The new size is created. You can now select the new size from the Document Size list.
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