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How do I install the software for my product if I don't have the CD?

    You can download the latest driver version for your product from the Downloads tab.

    Note: Only Epson drivers and utilities are available for download. If your product came with third-party software, the software is available only on the CD that came with the product.

    To download and install the drivers and utilities, follow these steps:

    1. Make sure the product is not connected to your computer. (You will be prompted to connect it during the installation process.)
    2. Go to the Downloads tab for your product and download the for your operating system. Make a note of the file name and save location so you can easily retrieve it.
    3. Open the file you downloaded and follow the on-screen instructions to install the software.

    To obtain a replacement copy of the Software CD (stock permitting), please contact our Driver Fulfillment department at 562-276-4367 (U.S.) or 905-709-3839 (Canada). A charge for shipping and handling plus any applicable taxes may apply.

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