How should I transport my product?

  • If you need to store your product or transport it a long distance, prepare it for transportation as described here.

    During transportation and storage, follow these guidelines: Because the product is heavy, it should be lifted and carried by two or more people, using the hand position shown: Avoid tilting the product, placing it vertically, or turning it upside down; otherwise ink may leak. Remove the ink packs before transportation, but leave the maintenance box installed; otherwise ink may leak.

    1. Turn off the product.
    2. Remove all the paper from the product.
    3. Unplug the power cable.
    4. Disconnect any connected cables.
    5. Close the rear paper support and the output tray.
    6. Open the ink case.
    7. Press the handle on the ink pack.

      The ink pack pops out.
    8. Lift up the ink pack and remove it from the ink case.
    9. Push in the pop-out section and close the ink case.
    10. Follow the steps 6 to 9 to remove the color ink packs on the other side of the product.
    11. Carefully transport the removed ink packs lying flat, with the ink supply port facing up.

      Do not drop or strike the ink packs; otherwise, ink may leak.

    12. Place the product in its original packing materials, if possible, or use equivalent materials with cushioning around the product. Make sure the box adequately protects the product control panel.

    Keep the product level during transportation. Reinstall the ink packs as soon as possible after transportation to prevent the print head from drying out. If print quality has declined when you print again, clean and align the print head.

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