How do I upload scanned images to SugarSync with Epson Easy Photo Scan software?

  • Uploading Scanned Images to SugarSync

    You can configure a SugarSync account for use with Easy Photo Scan and upload your scanned images.
    1. Scan your original using Easy Photo Scan.
    2. Click the icon. You see a window like this:

      Note: If you have already configured a SugarSync account in Easy Photo Scan, you can select the Setting Name or Destination Name for the account and click Send to upload your images.

    3. Enter the account information in the E-Mail Address and Password fields.
    4. Select a Place option for the uploaded images.

      Note: In SugarSync, the Magic Briefcase is now called "My SugarSync". Uploads to the Magic Briefcase appear in the My SugarSync folder.

    5. Enter a folder name in the Folder field. If you enter the name of an existing folder, the images are uploaded to that folder. If the folder does not exist, a new folder with that name is created.
    6. If you want to replace existing files with the same name with the uploaded images, click the Overwrite file(s) with the same name checkbox.
    7. Click Check Connection to test whether the SugarSync account information is correct.
    8. Select the image format for the uploaded files from the File or File Type list.
    9. If there are options for the selected file format, click Options or Option and select the options you want.
    10. If you also want to save the images to a local folder, select the Copy the image(s) to a local folder checkbox and select a folder.
    11. If you want to save the current settings, click Edit, or the Setting Name or Destination Name field, and select Save As. Enter a name for the setting and click OK.
    12. Click Send to upload the images to your SugarSync account, or click Cancel to cancel the operation.
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