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How do I print with black ink from Windows when a color ink pack is expended?

  • When a color ink pack is expended, you can temporarily continue printing from your computer using black ink. Replace the expended color ink pack as soon as possible for future printing.

    To temporarily print with black ink, see the instructions below.

    Printing with Expended Color Ink Packs - Windows

    If you see a message during printing telling you that you can temporarily print in black ink with an expended color ink supply unit, you can cancel your print job and select settings to print on plain paper or on an envelope.

    Note: To use this feature, Epson Status Monitor must be enabled.

    1. Click Cancel or Cancel Print to cancel your print job.

      Note: If the message screen appears on another computer on a network, you may need to cancel the print job using the product control panel.

    2. Load plain paper or an envelope in your product.
    3. Access the print settings in your print application.
    4. Click the Main tab.
    5. Select Plain Paper/Bright White Paper or Envelope as the paper type setting.
    6. Select the Black/Grayscale checkbox.
    7. Click OK.
    8. Print your document. Epson Status Monitor 3 displays a print message.
    9. Click Print in Black to print your document.
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