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How do I confirm my fax was sent?

  • You can print a fax report to confirm the fax was sent.

    Printing Fax Reports

    You can print several types of fax reports whenever necessary. You can also print the fax log printed automatically by turning on Fax Log Auto Print.
    1. Press the  home button, if necessary.
    2. Select Fax. You see a screen like this:
    3. Press the icon.
    4. Select Fax Report.
    5. Select the fax report you want to print.

    Fax Report Options

    Select the fax report or list you want to print.

    Last Transmission

    Print a report on the previous fax that was sent or received through polling.

    Fax Log

    View or print a report on recent fax transmissions.

    Stored Fax Documents

    Print a list of the fax jobs currently stored in the product's memory.

    Fax Settings List

    Print a list of the current fax communication settings.

    Conditional Save/Forward List

    Print a list of the current conditional save/forward settings.

    Protocol Trace

    Print a detailed report for the previous sent or received fax.

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