How do I use the copy feature to print a label on a CD/DVD?

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    Copying onto a CD/DVD

    You can copy a printed photo or CD/DVD label directly onto an ink jet-printable CD or DVD. If you want, you can first print a test design on plain paper.
    1. Load the CD, DVD, or plain paper you want to print on.
    2. Press the  home button, if necessary.
    3. Select Various prints.
    4. Select Copy to CD/DVD.
    5. Follow the instructions on the LCD screen to place your original CD, DVD, or photo on the scanner glass and select Proceed to set up Outer/Inner.
    6. If necessary, adjust the inner and outer diameter of your CD as shown on the screen and select Select Type. You see this screen:
    7. Select one of the options shown on the screen. If printing a test print on plain paper, select To Check Printing.
    8. Select any copy settings as needed.
    9. When you are ready to print, select the Copy icon.

      Note: To cancel printing, select Cancel, then select Cancel again to confirm.

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