How do I send a fax from my product control panel?

  • You can send a fax from your product control panel by entering the fax number, or selecting the number from either the contact list or fax history.

    Note: You can send a black-and-white fax to up to 100 contacts or 99 groups at a time, or send a color fax to one recipient at a time. If your recipient's fax machine does not print in color, your fax is automatically sent in black-and-white.

    1. Place your original on the product for faxing.
    2. Press the  home button, if necessary.
    3. Select Fax. You see a screen like this:

    4. Do one of the following to select fax recipients:
      • Manually enter a fax number: Select Keypad, enter a fax number using the displayed keypad, and press OK when done. To add another fax number, repeat this step; the number of multiple recipients appears in the upper right corner of the LCD screen.

        Note: If direct dialing has been restricted, you can only select the number from the contact list or fax history. If necessary, enter an outside line access code (such as 9) at the beginning of the fax number. If the access code has been set up in the Line Type setting, enter the # pound sign instead of the code. If your fax number requires a brief pause, select to insert a pause symbol (–).

      • Select from the contact list: Select Contacts to display the contact list. Select one or more contacts (select the contact again to deselect it), and select Close.
      • Select from the sent fax history: Select Recent to display the sent fax history. Select a recipient from the list.

      Note: To delete selected recipients, press the number of multiple recipients displayed in the upper right corner of the LCD screen. Select each recipient you want to delete and select Remove.

    5. If you need to change any fax settings, select Fax Settings and select your settings.
    6. If you want to preview your fax in black-and-white on the LCD screen, select Preview. (If the preview looks incorrect, select Cancel, reposition the document or change the fax settings, and repeat this step.) You cannot send the fax in color after previewing it.

      Note: If you do not touch the preview screen for 20 seconds, your product sends the fax automatically. You cannot preview images when the Direct Send setting is turned on.

    7. Select Send.

      Note: To cancel faxing, select the icon.

      Your product scans your original and prompts you to place additional pages, if necessary.
    After scanning your originals, your product dials the number and sends the fax.
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