Which USB devices can I connect to the USB port on the front of my product?

  • See below.

    External USB Device Specifications

    Do not use devices with the following requirements:

    • Dedicated driver
    • Security settings, such as password or encryption, etc.
    • Built-in USB hub
    USB flash drive/HDD 2TB maximum capacity

    Formatted in FAT, FAT32, or exFAT

    CD-R Drive

    DVD-R drive

    Blu-ray Disc drive

    CD-ROM/CD-R: 700 MB maximum capacity (read-only)

    DVD-ROM/DVD-R: 4.7 GB maximum capacity (read-only)

    Note: CD-RW, DVD+R, DVD±R, DVD-RAM, and Blu-ray Discs are not supported.

    Multi-card reader Insert only one memory card into the multi-card reader. Otherwise, the multi-card reader is not supported.

    Note: Epson cannot guarantee the operation of externally connected devices. Use only USB devices with independent AC power sources.

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