How do I print a nozzle check pattern?

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    Checking for Clogged Print Head Nozzles

    To maintain optimum print quality, perform a nozzle check before printing. This lets you visually inspect the printed check pattern and clean the nozzles, if necessary.

    There are two ways to check the nozzles:

    • Set up the product to automatically print a check pattern before each print job. You can select how often the product performs a nozzle check in the Setup menu.
    • Manually run a nozzle check from the product control panel, as described here.
    1. Load roll paper and select the matching paper type on the product control panel.
    2. Press the  maintenance button. You see the Maintenance menu on the product control panel screen.
    3. Select Nozzle Check and press the OK button. You see a confirmation message.
    4. Press the OK button. The product prints a nozzle check pattern.
    5. Check the printed pattern to see if there are gaps in the lines.

      Nozzles are clean

      Nozzles need cleaning

      Note: When paper is loaded in the auto take-up reel, the paper is not automatically cut after printing the check pattern. If the check pattern is hard to see, press the  cut/feed media button then press the down arrow button until the check pattern is easily visible. After checking the printed pattern, press the up arrow button to rewind the paper then press the  back button to return to the menu.

    6. If there are no gaps, the print head is clean and you can continue printing.

      If there are gaps or the pattern is faint, clean the print head.

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