Which USB devices can I connect to the USB port on the front of my product?

  • See below.

    External USB Device Specifications

    Do not use devices with the following requirements:

    • Dedicated driver
    • Security settings
    • A built-in USB hub

    Note: Use only external storage devices with independent AC power sources. External storage devices that are powered via USB are not recommended. Epson cannot guarantee the operation of externally connected devices.

    USB flash drive, HDD, or card reader 2TB (formatted in FAT, FAT32, or exFAT)

    Note: If you have a multi-card reader, only insert one memory card at a time. Multi-card readers with two or more memory cards inserted are not supported.

    You can use USB devices with your product containing files that meet these specifications.

    File format JPEG with the Exif version 2.31 standard taken by digital cameras with the DCF (Design Rule for Camera File system) version 1.0 or 2.0 standard1

    TIFF 6.0-compliant uncompressed images: RGB full-color or binary (not CCITT-encoded)

    PDF version 1.7 compliant data

    Image size 80 × 80 pixels to 10200 × 10200 pixels
    File size Up to 2GB
    Number of files JPEG: Up to 99902

    TIFF: Up to 999

    PDF: Up to 999

    1 Files stored on digital cameras with built-in memory are not supported.

    2 If the number of files exceeds 999, the files are displayed in groups.

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