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How should I load envelopes?

  • You can load paper up to 11 × 17 inches (279 × 432 mm) or A3 (11.7 × 16.5 inches [297 × 420 mm]) in the paper cassettes and 12 × 18 inches (305 × 457 mm) in the paper tray. The paper tray can accommodate user-defined paper sizes from 2.2 × 5.5 inches (55 × 140 mm) to 11.7 × 47.2 inches (297 × 1200 mm) for single-sided printing. The paper tray can accommodate user-defined paper sizes from to 5.5 × 7.2 inches (139.7 × 182 mm) to 11.7 × 17 inches (297 × 431.8 mm) for double-sided printing.

    You can view instructions on how to load paper in the cassettes or paper tray on the control panel.

    Note: If you cannot smoothly open or close the paper tray, make sure to hold the center of the paper tray when extending or retracting it.

    1. Select the icon on the LCD screen.
    2. Select How to > Load paper.
    3. Select one of the options.
    4. Select How To.
    5. Select the icon to scroll through the paper loading instructions.
    6. If necessary, select Close and then select the icon and select the size and type of paper you loaded on the LCD screen.

      Note: If the Paper Size Auto Detect setting is enabled, your product will automatically detect the size of the paper you loaded. To select a user-defined paper size, disable the Paper Size Auto Detect setting.

    Always follow these paper loading guidelines:
    • Load only the recommended number of sheets.
    • Load the printable side face up.
    • Load letterhead or pre-printed paper top edge first.
    • Do not load paper above the arrow mark inside the edge guides.
    • Insert and remove paper cassettes slowly.
    • Load pre-punched paper with the punched side toward you. Loading pre-punched paper in an incorrect direction can cause paper jams or smears inside the product. Make sure the Prepunched setting is set to On in the product's paper settings.
    • Check the paper package for any additional loading instructions.

    Do not use the following papers; they may cause paper jams, smears on the printout, or damage to the printer.

    • Papers that are wavy or damp
    • Papers that have not dried after printing on one side
    • Papers that are wadded or curled
    • Papers that are torn, cut, or folded
    • Papers that are too thick or thin
    • Preprinted papers printed by other inkjet printers, thermal transfer printers, page printers, or copiers
    • Papers that are perforated
    • Papers that have stickers
    • Papers held together with tape, staples, or paper clips
    • Envelopes with adhesive surfaces or windows

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