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The position, size, or margins of my copy are incorrect. What should I do?

  • If the position, size, or margins of your copies are incorrect, try these solutions:

    • When placing originals in the ADF, make sure the edge guides are against the edges of the paper.
    • When placing originals on the scanner glass, make sure the original is placed correctly for scanning. Align the corner of the original with the corner indicated by the symbol on the scanner glass. If necessary, move the original away from the edges of the scanner glass slightly.
    • If the original is folded or wrinkled, use the scanner glass. Flatten any folds or wrinkles in the original and try using another sheet or card to keep the original in contact with the scanner glass.
    • Clean the scanner glass and ADF.
    • Make sure the paper is loaded in the correct direction.
    • Select the appropriate copy size and paper size settings on the LCD screen.
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