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The quality of my fax is poor. What should I do?

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    Fax Quality is Poor

    If you receive a poor quality fax, try these solutions:

    • Try enabling the error correction mode (ECM) setting.
    • Contact the fax sender and ask them to send the fax in a higher resolution.
    • Try reprinting the received fax.

    If the sent fax quality is poor, try these solutions:

    • Clean the scanner glass.
    • Clean the ADF.
    • Try changing the resolution or density setting on the control panel.
    • Do not press on the document cover or the original with too much force.
    • Remove any dust or dirt from the originals.
    • Try changing the original type setting on the control panel.
    • If you are sending a monochrome fax to a single recipient, try sending the fax using the Direct Send feature.

      Note: If you send a high-resolution monochrome fax without using the Direct Send feature, the product may automatically lower the resolution.

    • Try enabling the error correction mode (ECM) setting.
    • If the back of the original appears in your sent fax, place a piece of black paper on the back of the original and fax it again.
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