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How do I align the print head?

  • You can align the print head using the Print Quality Adjustment option on the printer's control panel. See below.

    Aligning the Print Head Using the Product Control Panel

    If your printouts become grainy or blurry, you notice misalignment of vertical lines, or you see dark or light horizontal bands, you may need to align the print head.

    When adjustments are complete, the Home screen is displayed.

    1. Load the roll paper or cut sheet paper you want to print on in the printer.

      Note: Load paper that is at least this size or larger: A4 (8.3 × 11.7 inches [210 × 297 mm]).

    2. Make sure the correct paper type is selected.

      Note: If you are using commercially available paper, make sure you create the custom paper settings in advance.

    3. Select Menu > Paper Setting > Print Adjustments > Print Head Alignment
    4. Select Start. The printer prints the adjustment patterns.
    5. Follow the instructions on the LCD screen to select the best result in each pattern set. Look for the result with the least visible streaks. In the following example, 2 is the best choice:
    6. Once you have made selections for all adjustment patterns, select OK. A confirmation screen is displayed.
    7. Select OK.
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