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When I swap the black inks in my product from Photo Black to Matte Black (or vise versa), how can I confirm my product detected the correct ink change?

  • After swapping your ink cartridge, follow the steps below to confirm the change.

    1. From the Start Menu, select Settings > Printers

    2. Right-click on the EPSON StylusRIP 2200 and select Properties

    3. Select the Device Settings tab from the displayed dialog box as shown below.


    4. Select the black ink for the optional Black Ink Combination setting

    5. Click the appropriate button and then click OK to close the dialog box.


    1. With a PSserver operating, open the Chooser, select the AdobePS driver, and select the PSserver__Stylus Photo 2200

    2. Click Setup and then click Auto Setup in the displayed dialog box.

    3. The ink set for the printer is registered automatically.
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