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Do I need to install the EPSON Standard printer driver and the StylusRIP Professional driver to my Client systems?

  • Yes, to print from computers connected to a network using StylusRIP Professional, it is necessary to install a printer driver on each computer.

    Q: How do I set up a new printer for sharing in Windows 2000/XP?

    A: Follow the steps below if the printer sharing was not selected during the initial StylusRIP PRO driver installation:

    1. From the Printers folder, select the StylusRIP Professional printer driver that you would like to are.

    2. Then right-click the printer and click Sharing in the menu that appears. The Printer Properties dialog box will appear.

    3. On the Sharing tab, check Shared as: and enter the name of the printer you want to share.

    4. To install a printer driver for a different version of Windows, click Additional Drivers.

    5. On the displayed dialog box, check the box adjacent to the version of Windows you want to install, and click OK.

    6. Continue the setup procedure by following the on-screen instructions. Select the location of the printer driver when prompted.

    7. Complete the setup by following the on-screen instructions.

    8. After the printer driver is successfully installed, click OK to close the Printer Properties dialog box.

    Note: By clicking Additional Drivers and installing a printer driver for a different version of Windows, you can then use a client computer to select the shared StylusRIP printer as a network printer, and the printer driver will be installed automatically.
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