My product doesn't feed paper correctly. What should I do?

  • Here are a few suggestions to try:

    You can try using the Epson cleaning sheet (has a sticky side) to pick up any excess paper residue. It's available from the Epson Store.
    Try loading heavier stock paper, such as 24 lb. paper, if you haven't done so already.
    Make sure there is 1/16 to 1/32 inch space on each side of the paper in the paper tray.
    Move the paper type selector back and forth 5 times, to make sure it is not stuck.
    Feed the tray with a minimum of 20 sheets of paper and try to see if it loads paper through.
    The paper thickness lever has two settings, one for plain paper, (thin paper 20# to 24#) and one for envelopes and thick paper.
    It should be on the 0 setting for thin paper and on the + setting for thick paper and envelopes.
    The paper adjustment lever may be adjusted in between the two settings to accommodate paper that is not standard or that the operating/environmental conditions have changed.
    Make sure the paper is loaded far enough into the printer to ensure good contact between the paper and the paper feed mechanism.

    Reload the paper

    If the printer continues to feed too many sheets, the paper may be sticking together (due to humidity)For testing purposes, try the following:
    1. Place 20-30 sheets of paper in a microwave oven for 3/4 seconds on the medium setting (to dry the paper)
    2. Fan the paper, separating each sheet to ensure that the paper is not sticking together.
    3. Reload the paper into the printer.
    4. Test print your document.

    If all else fails change the brand or type of paper used, the paper specifications are located in the printer's user's manual.
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