The vertical alignment is off. What should I do?

  • If the printouts contain misaligned vertical lines, the print heads may need to be aligned.Calibration corrects only vertical alignment which is most apparent when vertical lines are misaligned when printed.

    The Calibration Utility filename is CALIBRAT.EXE and is located on the driver software that was packaged with the printer.

    If you cannot find the CALIBRAT.EXE file, you can download the latest version driver for your printer. It will be among the files after the driver is uncompressed.

    The Stylus 800+ driver CALIBRAT.EXE program can be used to align all monochrome Stylus printers.

    CALIBRAT.EXE can be copied to the hard disk and put it in a convenient directory such as C:\UTILITY for future use or can be run from the driver diskette. This utility runs in DOS, so exit Windows or open a DOS prompt in Windows and run it. To run the utility, log onto the directory where the utility is stored, type CALIBRAT and press Enter.

    IMPORTANT: The calibration program assumes the printer is attached to LPT1. If LPT2 or any other port is the default port , connect the printer to LPT1 to calibrate and after saving the calibration, connect it back to your preferred port for printing.

    Follow the directions on the screen.

    1. Select your printer model from the list of Epson Printers.

    2. Select the option to print a calibration pattern then Tab over to highlight "Calibrate" and press Enter.

    3. A calibration pattern will then print. Look carefully at the calibration pattern and select an Offset Value that corresponds to the row of vertical lines that most closely aligns. Type in the Offset Value number and press Enter.

    Note: Offset Value numbers between those which are shown can be selected for greater accuracy.

    4. A confirmation pattern will print using the Offset Value selected. If the lines are straight, press Enter. If not, tab over to Re-Calibrate and select another Offset Value.

    5. Once the calibration procedure is complete, turn the printer OFF with the Printer's power switch to save the alignment settings.

    IMPORTANT: After using the utility, the settings will not be saved to the printer unless the it is turned OFF with the Printer's power switch. Save the settings by turning off the printer then turn the printer back ON.

    If the printer is powered off by unplugging it or turning it off with a power strip, the settings will not be saved. It is recommended to always power the printer down with it's own power switch to ensure the print head is set to the proper powered down position.

    Windows Calibration
    If you have installed the Windows version, double-click on the EPSON Printer Calibration Utility icon. Follow the directions on the screen. Same procedure about turning the printer off to save the settings will still apply.
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