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I'm using Flex/IP to enable printing from NetWare queues to TCP/IP via LPD. The print jobs are lost when the print server is busy. I'm using simultaneous printing from 3 hosts.

  • With the help of traces of the network communication between our print server and the host running Flex/IP, we came to the conclusion that Flex/IP is unable to handle the case of a busy print server and as a result the job is lost. The same problem is seen if the print server is turned off This is a sign that there are limitations in the Flex/IP implementation. Flex/IP probably doesn't report back to the NetWare queues that it is not able to transfer the job to the end destination and the print job is not saved (neither in NetWare nor in Flex/IP) for later attempts. The only workaround that we know of is to print to a spooling host that doesn't report busy e.g. to the queues on a Solaris host.
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